Alasdair Codona has decided to end his hunger strike in his continuing campaign against the ill treatment of poor and homeless people in Scotland.

News Update: 02 January 2017

Following a visit  to Alisdair Cadona,  by three Scottish Government Ministers at his hospital bed, he has decided to end his hunger strike. Housing workers need Culture Shock in how they interact with homeless people. Alasdair Codona is campaigning for compassion and wants to change the Homeless Laws in Scotland to make sure every homeless person who applies can get across the full circumstances of their case without being dismissed out of hand.

This is not the end of the campaign but a ‘starter for ten’ in the revitalising of a struggle to challenge the culture of denial and of belittling of homeless people and to raise consciousness that the right to a decent home for everyone should be a universal reality.

You can read more about Codona’s case in recent articles in the Daily Record, Scotsman and The National and sign a petition related to the campaign here.

[More to follow… ]