The Bedroom Tax 2, let’s get it axed pronto

As reported in the Morning Star, a number of activist groups including the Scottish Tenants Organisation are gearing up for a new fight against the latest incarnation of the Bedroom Tax. We joined a number of unaffiliated groups in Edinburgh on Tuesday the 7th February outside of the Scottish Conservatives office to demand the Tories dump their plans to slash housing benefit. The Local Housing Allowance cap otherwise known as Bedroom Tax 2 is going to affect an estimated 241,000, leaving them struggling to pay rent.

The gathering outside the Tory Office on Northumberland St, Edinburgh

We urge everyone who wants to see a brighter future in Scotland and the rest of the UK to get active in taking the fight back to the politicians pushing this swingeing tax through. There is a petition live on the Scottish Government website calling on the Scottish Parliament to bring forward a debate on the issue which we encourage readers to sign. Petitions can only do so much however and we hope to see more actions like Tuesday’s demo in future.

The blue door of the Tory office building

Sign the petition here:

Video documentation of the STO contribution to the event:


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