About the STO

This is the statement from our About Us page for download as either a Word document or pdf file.

Opposing Demolition – reports from Dundee

After a Dundee Council decision to demolish their houses, tenants and activists surveyed the tenants and found strong opposition to the demolitions, something very different from what had been reported to the Council.

More Time for Butterburn and Bucklemaker Courts
Views From the Menzies Hill Multies

Opposing Stock Transfer – the view from Stirling

Stirling Against Stock Transfer (SAST) produced an excellent flyer as part of its campaign. You can get a copy here.

SAST – Defend Council Housing

Opposing Stock Transfer – what couldn’t be seen in Dundee

Dundee Council resisted releasing a consultant’s study of the relative costs of retention versus stock transfer. The story is reported in this paper.

The Report They Didn’t Want Us To See

Housing for a better nation – August 2014

A report by Sarah Glynn published by Common Weal.

Making Council Housing Work

An essay by STO executive member Sarah Glynn

Guide to the Communities Scotland web site

Communities Scotland’s web site has a vast store of information, some of which is even useful but can be very difficult to find. The categories below suggest some useful possibilities, concentrating on tenant involvement. If you have a favourite resource on this web site please let us know about it.

Tenant Particpation Development Team

This is a subdivision of the Community Regenaration section of Communities Scotland and is advised by the Tenant Participation Advisory Group to which STO has for years sent a representative. It is also responsible for the National Tenant Engagement Network about which you can find information including minutes of regional meetings here

Communities Scotland publishes guidance on tenant participation. Their main reference work can be downloaded from their web site through the link below.

Guide to successful tenant participation
Regulation and Inspection

This section of Communities Scotland carries out inspections of housing associations and local authority landlord operations.
It’s main page in the Communities Scotland website can currently be found here

Tenants have a role in Regulation and Inspection principally through the Tenant Regulation Advisory Group (TRAG) and that group’s representation on two other advisory groups. You can read about this structure and the interrelationship of these groups and find more information through this link

Regulation and Inspection also has a page linking to their publications including inspection reports for the various housing associations and local authority landlords as well as their Performance Standards and other publications including various bits of guidance for landlords.

The Housing Act (Scotland) 2001 and how to find legislation

The Housing (Scotland) Act of 2001 is the basis for the functioning of much of the housing system in Scotland. Like all UK legislation since 1988 it is available in its original form via the internet through what used to be called HMSO and is now the Office of Public Sector Information. The information is available in two forms: links to internet pages and pdf files that you can download. The main page for legislation is

which includes UK, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland and in the case of Scottish Legislation there are pages for both Acts and Statutory Instruments. You will need to know the year of the legislation and may have quite a search if you don’t know its title.

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

Legislation is accompanied by an Explanatory Note that you may find useful. These are available in the same two forms.

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 Explanatory Note

Tenant Management report

There is not a lot of information about Tenant Management Cooperatives in Scotland but a report from England has some interesting bits. You can download this from the web site of the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations through the link below.

Tenants Managing: An Evaluation of Tenant Management Organisations in England

The views expressed in the documents available through this page are not necessarily endorsed by the Scottish Tenants Organisation.