STO Manifesto

Scottish Tenants Organisation

  • Public investment in good quality publicly owned housing available to all who want it.
  • An end to stock transfers of any variety and scale
  • Council housing debt write-off
  • Direct investment in improving existing council houses
  • Mass public housebuilding programmes
  • The right for tenants to transfer back to council ownership
  • An end to the removal of homes from the public and social sectors through right-to-buy.
  • Replacement of schemes that subsidise homeownership (and push up house prices) with investment in the public sector.
  • Affordable rents that are calculated so as to leave those on low incomes with enough money to afford a decent quality of life
  • Controlled private rents with security of tenure, together with policies that reduce dependence on the private rented sector in favour of council housing.
  • An end to demolitions that are not supported by tenants and are not part of a programme to provide better housing for the tenants being displaced.
  • Proactive planning policies that ensure that public sector housing is available in good central positions and not driven out to perimeter estates.
  • The possibility for tenants who want it – to have genuine involvement in running their homes.
  • Recognition of the role of genuinely independent tenant and community organisations